Leading payers embrace recovery auditing as a financial best practice

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The RAC program is aimed at reducing improper payments within Medicare programs

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Connolly has now merged with iHealth Technologies

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Recover more dollars.

Connolly Healthcare has the experience and tools necessary to reduce improper payments, recover lost dollars, and help you fix problems others might miss.

Healthcare costs are rising steadily, putting stress on our economy and our families. With as many as 10%* of all insurance payments made in error, Connolly’s work to identify errors and address their root cause can help improve healthcare and make it more affordable for all of us. Many healthcare payers seek assistance in identifying and reducing overpayments and other types of billing errors. Our dedicated teams work to supplement your existing audit efforts or help you expand into new areas. Connolly’s hundreds of recovery auditors, data analysts, and support staff provide unsurpassed experience and results. Using the most advanced technology and processes, Connolly explores multiple areas to identify the most promising recovery opportunities.


*In its FY 2013 Agency Financial Report, The Department of Health and Human Services reported an overall fee-for-service error rate of 10.1 percent, representing $36.0 billion in improper payments.